Swallows Building and Construction Limited is a company incorporated in Kenya with a goal of offering building and construction solutions within the country and beyond.

Our services target individuals, institutions, corporates, county governments and national government. We aspire to offer innovative solutions that are combined with latest technology to reduce costs to clients improve on time taken and guarantee expertise, high quality work, attractive and strong structures.


Our Vision

Being the building and construction contractor of choice.

Our Mission

To provide innovative cost effective and high quality work driven by latest technology.

Our Values




Property Re-touch, Repairs and Maintenance

Under this category, we offer comprehensive maintenance of buildings and structures, ensuring that their usefulness and life is kept at the optimum operational levels at all times.

Compound Lanes and Open Space Paving

Using locally available materials, we do pave open walking spaces to ensure that they are all weather and presentable to match the rest of the compound.

Walls and floor finishes - Key, Plaster, and Tiles

We serve clients who aspire to have different key finishes to their building walls. Additionally, we undertake different forms wall or floor securing such as tiles, for aesthetics or to secure surfaces that come into frequent contacts with water.

Executive Paintworks and Designs

We do different designs of paintworks according to clients’ needs, while guaranteeing highest standards of finish and appearance.


Swallows Building and Construction Limited undertakes different categories of project delivery depending on clients’ needs or expectations.

Full Contracting & Turn-Key

Under this category, the engagement is designed in such a way that overall project responsibility in all parameters is transferred from the client to deliver the project according to the architectural designs of the client. At the end of the work, the project is delivered to the client after all quality control checks and protocols have been observed.

Agency and Sub-Contracting

Under this model, we facilitate the main contractor or principal by taking up certain aspects of projects that they may not have full capacity or time to deliver within the terms of the main contract. In this case, SB&C ltd will only take contractual responsibility to the sub-contracted component and delivery is normally to the main contractor or the principal.

Labour Contracting

Under this model, SB&C ltd supplies different categories and grades of labour from its human resource base and contacts according to a client or contractors’ needs. We undertake to supervise the labour according to agreed standards and clients satisfaction.

Building Materials Supply

Under this operational model, SB&C ltd sources or supplies bulk building materials of different varieties and categories to ensure that the client concentrates on core aspects of construction.

The high quality, natural material gives an impression of appreciation, stability and warmth.


At Swallows Building and Construction Limited, we have a wide range of skills to undertake assignments at different grades.


Masons are involved in activities and processes of construction and various levels of structural finishing. They undertake wall construction, wall plaster, floor casting, concrete slabs and works, pavements construction according to clients specifications and needs.


Carpenters are involved in activities and processes related to timberworks and fittings. They undertake different timber-based roofing, timber-based windows fittings and interior fittings and design.

Machine operators and drivers

These are the individuals who operate heavy equipment for road construction and site transport.

Welding and metal works

These individuals are involved in metal works fabrication and welding. Their skills are used in design or fitting of metallic doors, windows, metallic structures, or any other metallic aspect of the building construction and design.

Glass fitting

This skill involves glass works, designs and fittings. This includes windows fittings, doors fittings, glass walls or any other glass based fitting according to the specifications of the client.

Site Managers and Foremen

These are the officers who have scheduling, management and administrative skills to manage human resources, material resources, standards and procedures are adhered to.